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"G o l d - S p a r k l i n g -
W i n e"

With a special Sparkling Wine, selected wines are produced and combined with a touch vineyard peach flavoured liqueur.
The shine of 22-carat gold leaf make
"Gold - Sparkling - Wine" touching all senses.

 Delivery of "Gold - Sparkling - Wine" bottles in
three sizes:
0,2 l. piccolo,
0,75 l. bottle
22-carat gold leaf is free of taste
and without health care.

The drinkable gold leaf
correspond to the
food guidelines for E175.

 "Gold - Sparkling - Wine"
is the ideal companion, especially for receptions, events, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and other festive occasions

"Gold - Sparkling - Wine" is characterized by the following benefits and advantages:
  • First-Class Quality
  • Original of high standard
  • Special optical effects
  • Something elegant and outstanding
  • Conveys Elegance and Exclusivity
  • Suited for any occasions

"Gold - Sparkling - Wine" dry with 22-carat gold leaf and art label.

Contact us:
Bernd Schafhaupt, Sekt und mehr
Am Stockfeld 35, D-68519 Viernheim
Telephone: +49 / 6204 / 60 29 88, Mobile: +49 / 160 / 94 5 94 758